Monday, November 19, 2012

Day one. It begins...

The weekend was spent eating for an army on a marijuana binge. The snacks, fatty foods, breads, and desire of death were saturated and dense. By Sunday afternoon, after a long walk across the walkway and trying to keep up with my mother in the midst of a shopping spree, I was sluggish and tired, asleep by ten. I felt useless and out of touch with myself, laying on a couch and watching Frank play Halo - even watching Master Chief run around helplessly made me feel exhausted.

The thrills of being twenty four, eh?

This morning I woke up and felt so relieved to be done with eating shitty foods. Bring on the veggies and nuts, I need my health back.

I was feeling great this morning, driving into work with my cup of black coffee and a feeling of freshness I haven't had in awhile. At a red light in Stamford, maybe a couple miles away from my job, I glanced into my rear view mirror and saw a brown van behind me. As soon as I looked at him he grimaced and gave me the middle finger.  I thought may I had cut him off or did something to piss him off...but I had been in the same lane for two miles and had done absolutely nothing dick-ish on the road. And believe me, I know when I do something rude: I will actually open my window or approach the person in a parking lot and apologize sincerely.  I had done nothing to this guy and he, quite simply, was an asshole. I didn't even make a face or get upset back, I simply looked back to the road and sat in quiet disbelief.

 I don't think it's the Mayan calendar we have to worry about...the apocalypse will be of our fruition - a bunch of mean spirited, terrible people acting like savages and hating one another until there's nobody left.

                                                 Don't even ask what's in the pistol.

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