Friday, November 16, 2012

Bulletproof Coffee - sense of spending guilt included!

I first heard about this on the Joe Rogan podcast, #275 Dave Asprey. I have the link here if you've got two hours to kill and want to hear some amazing, mind-blowing shit about the mycotoxins and mold you ingest every single day.

I found myself absolutely fascinated by the concepts he brought up...especially because they're so simple and logical. If you get past the extensive scientific vocabulary and look at it from the ground's simply put: stop putting bad shit in your mouth.

It's hunt and gather mentality. Eat lean meats and raw vegetables as much as possible and remove the unclean and useless carbohydrates that cause inflammation and are foreign to your body. What a simple fucking concept! It's one of those face-palm worthy "why didn't I think of that?" moments that make you wonder how you hold a college degree.

He pushed his Bulletproof coffee pretty hard in the first part of the podcast, making a lot of big claims that it can keep you full for eight hours at a time and that his coffee is the best of the best, keeping you energized and working at optimal level. But at 18.95 a bag, I was pretty damned hesitant. I get angry when Starbucks charges me three dollars for green tea that tastes like it was brewed in a July-heat garbage dumpster, let alone almost pay 20 bucks for a pound of coffee.

Some of the pinpoints from the website include:

  1. It is carefully produced and tested with new and old methods to target the lowest toxin content vs. normal coffee, so you get all the benefits of coffee without the negative health effects.
  2. The beans are harvested from a single family-owned estate in Guatemala located 1250 meters above sea level, high enough to produce great coffee.
  3. The estate is Passive Organic and the family that owns it does not allow chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.) It is not economical for Central American boutique coffee estates to become certified organic.
  4. They are hand picked by experienced coffee harvesters – skilled people who know how to pick only perfectly ripe berries.
  5. Most coffee beans are processed by either leaving them in the sun and elements to wither and dry, or by pressing them and letting them ferment (spoil) to remove the outer layer of the bean.  Both of these techniques are known to produce significant levels of mycotoxins as they enhance flavor. Upgraded Coffee beans are mechanically processed right after picking using only clean cold water.  This more expensive process is safer because it dramatically reduces harmful molds or bacteria from impacting your health.
  6. The beans are roasted in small batches by the #1 ranked roaster in United States under the strictest conditions.  Roasting the beans enhances their antioxidant capacity and flavor to provide you with a healthier, tastier cup of coffee.
It puts where your money goes into a bit of perspective. If I'm going to kick my diet coke habit I'm going to need my caffeine while I'm having Trainspotting-baby-crawling-on-the-ceiling withdrawals from the shit. So, I splurged and bought it. It should be arriving in the mail either Monday or Tuesday. I'll be sure to do a post reviewing it.

Hey, if twenty bucks can give me some kind of unconscious peace of mind and help me ease into this detox, then fuck it. I've spent more money on sillier things at Giggles in a drunken stupor...and those don't have money back guarantees.

(Dave Asprey's website is if you're interested in the coffee or his really fascinating reports on mycotoxins and mold. Be warned, he's still a businessman, so take some of his posts with a grain of salt...)

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